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Title: The debate on health in Portugal: governance of health care and the welfare modernization agenda
Authors: Asensio, Maria
Keywords: Estado-social
Welfare state
Sistema nacional de saúde
National health system
Reforma na saúde
Health reform
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Portugal is facing major changes in the governance of health care. The main goal of the paper is to review the strategies developed in Portugal health care systems in the last three decades to improve coordination among health care providers. The development of Portuguese health policy can be divided into three periods that are linked to the general welfare state development. The initial impetus towards the establishment of a National Health Service, following the classic British model, was weaker, while going creating a system of integration of health services offered by private and non-profit social institutions. During the 2000, in contrast, a series of coordination strategies have been launched in Portuguese Health care systems. The current Socialist government has made a bid to revitalize some of the larger principles that once inspired the creation of the National Health Service, designing a set of strategies aimed at enhancing the universality, equity and quality health system.
Description: Comunicação apresentada na "Second Biennial Conference of the Standing Group on Regulation and Governance do ECPR Regulation & Governance, com o tema: (Re)Regulation in the Wake of Neoliberalism’ Consequences of Three Decades of Privatization and Market Liberalization, realizada na Universidade de Utrecht, the Netherlands, de 5 a 7 de Junho de 2008.
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