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Welcome to REPAP! - The Portuguese Public Administration Repository of INA (Directorate-General for the Qualification of Public Workers)

INA´s digital repository has the following goals:

1. To create a knowledge repository on Public Administration contents;

2. To archive, preserve, disseminate and make available the scientific and academic contents developed in the range of research, consultancy and training activities;

3. To disseminate the Portuguese scientific studies at an international level.

The auto-archive of documents depends on the author's acceptance of the distribution license terms. To further information please contact repap@ina.pt.





Communities and Collections

  Shown below is a list of communities and the collections and sub-communities within them. Click on a name to view that community or collection home page.

  • A - Estado e Administração [62]
  • B - Políticas Públicas [71]
  • C - Gestão Pública [62]

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