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Title: How can Public Administrations handle the societal crisis?
Authors: Rato, Helena
Keywords: Crise
Modelo económico
Economic model
Externalidades económicas
Economic externalities
Desigualdades sociais
Social inequalities
Administrações públicas
Public administrations
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Economic crisis give rise to high societal costs but to processes of change, too. The present crisis that was engendered by the USA Hedge Funds fail concerns a wide range of factors that self interact and interact with other crisis which are obviously systematic, as it is the case of the climate crisis. Consequently the efficiency of the present economic development model, which is based on the persistent prosecution of higher productivity rates, has to be questioned. The analysis of the main characteristics of the present crisis, namely those concerning economic externalities, the threat to fundamental Human rights, the hypertrophy of international liquidity, the lack of financial resources for States and the increasing of social inequalities, shows that it is a structural crisis and points to the need of changing the prevailing paradigm of the societal system. One possibility is to undertake reforms leading to the implementation of the democratic economic model, but for that it’s required to have Public Administrations with specific and wide competences.
Description: Comunicação apresentada na Universidade de Wroclow.
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